Happy Father's Day

Hey Dad, I have been working on learning HTML and I know some of the basics for HTML it won't wow but I hope you enjoy.

I wanted to make this to show who the best Dad That I have had the pleasure to know is and if you didn't figure it out it is you

To show the reasons why you're an amazing dad I did it in a list and table form and made sure to add some images for good measure.

(Also formatting with HTML can be a

Major Pain

Why You're a great dad

In a list
The Good
  1. You always learn from your mistakes
  2. You rarely get mad
  3. You don't drink and show restraint
  4. You are peaceful and remain calm in stressful situations
  5. You don't give me too many chores
  6. You aren't lazy and usually, still, have fun with me even if you're tired
  7. You don't get frustrated with me even if I'm stubborn
  8. You usually listen to all my arguments and contentions
  9. You always put me first and work hard for both of us and have never ignored my opinions
  10. You have always been there for me, and many people don't have that. Millions have to grow up without a Father and I'm grateful that I'm not one of them. I know people that don't have Fathers in their lives and it definitely has an effect on them

I could go on but it would be super looooong


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